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Teaching English to Students of Other Languages.

As well as teaching I have a strong business background having worked many years  for training organisations. So I understand a great deal about training concepts, interaction and communication with people, which all directly relate to teaching!

I have taught younger children for 2 years and therefore understand the challenges of holding their attention, keeping them interested and helping them learn through keeping it simple, playful and fun.

I teach conversational English, Business English and students of all ages!

I am currently teaching people from South America, Europe, East Asia and Africa.

I speak a little Spanish and I’m still learning too! 

Whatever your English learning goals…

Your Pace English, can help!

Why do you want to learn English?

For a second language?

To get into university?

For travel and socialising?

For business?

To open up career opportunities?


Conversational English

Advance your English speaking fluency and pronunciation.


Structured Lessons

Take lessons from Beginner to Advanced Levels. I use Off2class for the majority of my lesson plans.


Informal / Tailored Lessons

Lessons adapted to your individual learning style.

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