Lesson Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Notice Period

A minimum period of 24 hours notice must be given for a new lesson booking. The provider reserves the right to cancel any lessons booked within 24 hours. Please always email for tutor availability.


All lessons booked must be paid for in advance by the client (Student).

If a lesson is booked in and payment has not been received at least 24 hours before the lesson starting, the provider will cancel the lesson.

Monies must be cleared into the Tutor’s bank account or PayPal account.

Block booking lessons

All block booked lessons of 10 or more hours must be used within a 3 month period from the date of booking.

Any unused lesson time will be forfeited by the client (student) unless exception is agreed by the provider.

Rescheduling of lessons and Cancellations

Lessons may be rescheduled only with the agreement of the tutor if within 48 hours of the original booked lesson time.  Please note if it is not possible to reschedule the lesson you will still be charged 50% of the lesson rate if between 48 and 24 hours notice. All lessons rescheduled with less than 24 hours notice are chargeable and any new lesson time will need to be booked and paid for in the usual way at the agreed standard booking rate.  (Exceptions may be made only at the Tutor’s discretion for proven exceptional circumstances)

 No Show

No show of a client for a lesson will be fully chargeable and non refundable.

Provider Cancellation

The provider reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any lessons without prior notice if 48 hours or more before a lesson.

Any payment by clients (Students) for lessons is deemed as acceptance of these terms and conditio